Anaesthetic Labels

Hospital Labels

Our Anaesthetic LabelsAnaesthetic drug labels are despatched to many hospitals across the UK on a daily basis.
The main product in this section are user applied syringe labels
These are printed in standardised background colours and are recommended by:

The Royal College of Anaesthetists
The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland
The Faculty of Accident & Emergency Medicine
The Intensive Care Society

These labels cover all drug sectors such as Induction Agents, Narcotics, Hypnotics, Vasopressors and many more

We will also print any drug requested that is not currently on our extensive list.

Special prices are offered for these labels.
Currently the "Endy Syringe" labels are £2.50 per box of 500 and carriage is free if 100 or more boxes are ordered.

A carriage charge is applicable for orders below this quantity. Please call our team for the full spec list and special prices.

Also grouped with these labels are our "Endy Line Infusion Labels" & "Endy Review On" labels

Endy line labels are again printed in standard colours and come with nicks for ease of application

Endy Review Labels are part of our standard range with a different colour for every day of the week

These can be ordered along with syringe labels to make up a quantity.

We also offer Tidy Trays or Wall Racks for the syringe labels for neat clean and tidy storage: we hold stock of these items and they can be incorporated with your order.

Amongst our Anaesthetic range we also supply general warning labels - such as these below.
Warning LabelAnaesthetic Hazard LabelEpidural labelAnaesthetic Warning LabelsThroat Pack label