Wall Racks & Trays to go alongside our Drug Syringe Labels

Trays and racks for syringe labels

  End to End Labels now stock this Perspex tray for simple clean storage of dispenser boxes.   Priced at only £14 each (+ £5 carriage) + vat   Or carriage free of charge if 5 or more trays ordered at one time or if ordered alongside your drug label order.
Our trays have an inner dimension of approx 167mm x 33mm x 66mm and are made of durable black Perspex. They can hold up to 10 boxes of drug syringe labels. Should you require contact us for a full list of drug labels available.
We can also add your Hospital details on the tray should you require  please ask for further info.
Code ref DRGTRAY/15
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To complement the Tidy Trays offered with our drug syringe labels we are now stock
Wall Racks:
  These are moulded in clear Perspex and will hold our Tidy Tray plus there is additional room for 2 extra drug boxes which is convenient for the syringe labels less frequently used.
Wall Racks are priced at only £16 each + £5 carriage. Tidy Trays are £14 each + £5 carriage
  Please note that carriage is free of charge if 3 or more trays or wall racks are ordered at one time or if ordered alongside your usual drug syringe label order.
We also have a special offer where you receive a free Tidy Tray or Wall Rack when you order 125 boxes or more from our “Endysyringe” Label range *initial order only
  Or you can order both the Tidy Tray and the Wall Rack together for £25 with carriage options as above.
  Our wall racks measure 211mm x 78mm x 37mm and can hold up to 12 boxes of syringe labels and can be used with or without the removable Tidy Tray which measures 167mm x 66mm and can hold 10 drug boxes.
    Code reference WREND15Prices subject to VAT